Your responsibility

Proper use of gas, electrical, and plumbing fixtures

Changing light bulbs

Changing air filters

Pest control


Dispose of trash in a clean and sanitary manner

Lawn maintenance

Foundation Protection

Pool maintenance*


Minor toilet and drain clogs

Our responsibility

Air conditioning not cooling

Furnace not heating



Garage door

Roofing issues


Garbage disposal

Major drain clogs

Plumbing leaks

Plumbing hardware

Water heater

Our partnership, in a nutshell.

Please watch this short orientation video.


Want to see some helpful tips that make doing your part easier?

Get home maintenance tips from the pros

Our series of ProCare Pro Tips will walk through common household fixes.

Yards are awesome. But they come with additional responsibilities.

Chances are, having your own outdoor space is a big reason you chose this home. Please keep your home and neighborhood beautiful by doing your part. Have an outdoor safety concern or an issue not covered in the landscaping addendum in your lease?

General yard care

Mow the lawn regularly, as needed.

Water lawn and plants to keep them healthy

Trim hedges and shrubs at least one foot away from the home

Clean up any pet waste quickly

Fertilize as needed

Rake and dispose of leaves and other debris

Irrigate your foundation

Remove weeds from all flower beds and hardscape areas

Remove snow and ice from driveway and sidewalks

Trim tree branches below 10 feet in height

Submit a maintenance request

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Be the neighbor you'd like to have.

Your home might be part of a Homeowners Association (HOA) or a municipality subject to local rules and regulations. Please remember that community standards benefit you and your neighbors. Ignoring these rules could result in fines.* Your HOA or municipal requirements may include: 

Maintaining the landscaping of trees, plants, flowers, and shrubs on your lot.

Walking pets on a leash and disposing waste properly.

Removing holiday decorations within a reasonable amount of time (approximately 10 days).

Storing trash containers in garages or behind a fence, not in driveways or common areas.

Keeping driveways free of oil stains.

Placing trash containers on the street no earlier than the night before trash pick-up and storing them no later than the night of trash collection.

Not displaying signs, foil, cardboard, or any other item visible from the exterior or displayed in the window of your home.

Parking vehicles in the driveway or garage and not covering sidewalk areas or impeding pedestrians. Please be aware of the residential speed limit and watch for pedestrians while driving.

Family with dogs on their front steps

Home care requirements


Vehicles regularly parked outside the home or inside the garage must be operational with current registration. Vehicles must comply with all state laws and municipal ordinances. Residents and their visitors must follow parking requirements from local municipalities and HOAs, if applicable. Boats or trailers are not allowed at any time unless approved in writing by Invitation Homes.  


We do not allow smoking inside any of our homes. 

Resident responsibilities frequently asked questions

What are my resident responsibilities?

As an Invitation Homes resident, you're responsible for minor home maintenance such as lawn care, pest control, and changing air filters. Visit our resident responsibilities page for more information. 

Does Invitation Homes take care of everything for me?

When it comes to your home’s maintenance, we’re in this together. Although our ProCare service and maintenance requests cover a lot, you also have resident responsibilities. We do our part. You do your part. The result is a worry-free lifestyle.

What’s expected of me?

You’ll be expected to handle little things like changing air filters and light bulbs and maintaining the lawn, landscape, and pool (if you have one). Pest control and minor plumbing clogs are also resident responsibilities. For more info, please check out the brochure you received during your move-in orientation.

Can I change my home’s landscaping?

We understand that part of making a house a home is creating your own outdoor environment. You’re allowed to make certain changes to the landscaping with approval of the property manager and the HOA (where applicable).

How can I maximize my security deposit refund?

We hope you’ll enjoy your home for many years, but when it’s to move out, please leave it in the same condition as when you moved in. To help you maximize your security deposit refund, please read our Move Out Guide .

How can I avoid unnecessary fees?

Your account will be charged for the following situations, so please avoid them.

• Damage caused by you, your pet, or a guest.

• If an issue is not reported to us and causes damage.

• If someone over the age of 18 is not at your home during a service visit.

• If an appointment is cancelled in less than one business day.

How do I protect the foundation of the home?

A lack of moisture can cause slab foundations to sink – and eventually fail. So let’s keep your home on the up and up. If you see soil beginning to pull away from the concrete, give it water right away.

Maintaining a consistent moisture level around your home’s perimeter will prevent harmful contraction and expansion. We highly recommend soaker hoses as the easy, earth-friendly way to irrigate your foundation.