Live freer than your parents did with our Lease Easy bundle.

As the leader in single-family home leasing, we’re always coming up with new ways for you to enjoy living in your home. With our Lease Easy bundle, your Smart Home technology , air filter delivery , and utility management all come standard for a small monthly fee.*


Lease Easy Fast Answers

Can I lock and unlock my front door from my smartphone?

Yes. With the push of a button, you can lock and unlock your door.

Can I add access codes for other people?

Yes. With the service from SmartRent, you can easily create unique access codes for anyone that needs to enter your home, from family members and friends to contractors.

Will I know what’s going on in my home at all times?

Absolutely. You can easily view real-time activity reports on your mobile device and even set alerts for specific activities, such as when people enter and exit.

Can I change the temperature in my home with my smartphone?

Yes. You can easily customize settings for your heating and air conditioning and make changes at any time from your mobile device.

Why do I need to change my air filter?

Changing your air filter every three months removes harmful toxins from the air and helps lower your energy bill up to 15%.

Why is air filter delivery required in my lease?

Replacing your HVAC’s air filter every three months keeps the system functioning properly and is simply too important to leave to chance. Our partnership with Second Nature protects both you and your home.

What is Conservice?

Conservice is a utility management and billing company that will manage water, sewer, and trash on your behalf.

Do I need to put utilities in my name?

No need to turn on these utilities or transfer them into your name. Water, sewer, and trash will remain in Invitation Homes' name throughout your lease.

When are my bills due?

Charges for water, sewer, and trash will appear on your resident ledger. You will make one payment monthly that includes all rental and utility fees.

*Fees and service availability may vary by location or home.