Application fee

Up to $55 per person for all adults over 18.

Holding a home

Some of our homes are not ready to lease, but you can pay a small fee to hold it!

Security deposit

At least one month’s rent will hold the home for you until move-in and may be returned at move-out.

Admin and ongoing fees

Read below about admin fees at move in and other fees you may see during your lease.

Application and signing fees

Moving is never easy, but we want to help you avoid any surprises. Please familiarize yourself with the following one-time expenses: application fee, security deposit, holding fee, admin and move-in fees. Details below.
Application fee

There is a non-refundable up to $55 application fee (may vary by location) for each person over 18 applying to rent a home with Invitation Homes. This fee covers the cost of background checks, time spent reviewing the application, and any other expenses involved with the application process. It is non-refundable because expenses occur regardless of an application’s outcome.

Security deposit
  • A security deposit of at least one month’s rent (may vary in accordance with your screening results*) will be due within two business days of receiving application approval from Invitation Homes for rent ready homes, or within two business days of availability of the home for pre-leased homes. 

  • The security deposit allows us to hold the home for you until move-in and may be returned (in whole or in part) at move-out.

  • Your security deposit acts as insurance for us to cover any unpaid rent and/or damages, wear and tear excepted. As part of our Pro-Care service, we will conduct move-in and move-out visits for feedback on how to best maximize your security deposit return upon move-out. For a list of standard practices, check out our Security Deposit Guide.

*There are three screening results: approval, approval with extra deposit, or denial. If your screening result is an approval with extra deposit, an additional one-half month’s rent will be due at least 2 business days prior to your lease start date.

Holding fee

For all “coming soon” homes, a $500 holding fee must be paid within 48 hours of receiving application approval from Invitation Homes, along with signing a holding agreement. All $500 of this fee will be applied to your first month’s rent. If you break your holding agreement, this fee is non-refundable (except in California).

Admin & move-in fees

Depending on the date your lease begins, you may need to pay prorated rent and amenities for the time remaining in the month. 

If your lease starts on or after the 20th of the month, the next month’s rent will need to be paid in full at least 2 business days prior to your lease start date. An administrative account set up fee of up to $55 in most locations is also paid with move-in funds. Fees vary in Arizona ($300), Nevada ($100), and California ($0).

Lease Easy

In addition to your monthly rent, we require a subscription to the following services which are designed to make your lifestyle as worry-free as possible. Fees and service availability may vary by location, so be sure to ask.
Smart Home

Your Invitation Home comes equipped with the latest Smart Home technology for a $30 monthly fee (may vary by location) or $40 for homes with a video doorbell. Fees and service availability may vary by location. You’ll have access to remote lock and thermostat control, along with many other smart technology integrations and add-ons.

Learn more: Smart Home

Air filter delivery

Enjoy the convenience of receiving the right air filters, right when you need them for a $9.95 monthly charge, on homes with an HVAC system. Fees may vary by location. When it automatically arrives at your doorstep, it’s time to replace your filter, making it easy to fulfill your home maintenance responsibilities as a resident.

Learn more: Air filter delivery

Utility management

A utility management and billing company may manage water, sewer and trash on your behalf for $9.95. May not be available in all locations. Additional charges will vary from month to month based on usage.  

Learn more: Utility services  

Pet & pool fees

Your furry family members are welcome at Invitation Homes. And when it comes to relaxation, nothing beats a dip in a crystal-clear pool. But if you have a pet or pool, you will have recurring monthly fees. Please read this info.
Pet rent & fee

We know your pets are part of the family, too.

  • Up to 3 cats and dogs are welcome with a $325 initial fee per pet (or deposit, depending on local laws). Fee/deposit may vary by location.

  • Up to $40 additional monthly pet rent for each pet as permitted by applicable law. 

  • Pet fees and/or deposits and pet rent will be charged for dogs and cats only. Other animal types are welcome without a fee or pet rent, subject to Invitation Homes’ animal restrictions.

Learn more: Pet-friendly homes

Pool service

Your Invitation Home may have a pool for your enjoyment. If so, there is a $120 monthly maintenance fee.

Learn more: Pool maintenance

Homeowners Association and municipal fees

If your home is part of a Homeowner’s Association, there are violation fees when certain rules and regulations are not followed.
Violation fee(s)

We want to make you aware of our violation process to help you avoid unnecessary fees, as processing these notices carries an administrative cost.

  • We will be charging a $35 “HOA Admin Fee” for any HOA or municipal violation notice we receive for your home, in accordance with your lease agreement.

  • First violation notice - $35 “HOA Admin Fee” from Invitation Homes added to your account ledger.

  • A fee from an HOA or municipality may be applied to your account ledger if the issue is not resolved by the compliance date.

  • An additional $35 “HOA Admin Fee” will be added to your account ledger for each notice received from an HOA or municipality.

Please familiarize yourself with the expectations and restrictions that were provided as part of your lease agreement. Residents are responsible for any fines and or charges from HOAs or municipalities. Please contact your property management team if you have any questions.

For a more detailed list of potential HOA rules, please read through our Resident Responsibilities  page.

Late fees

Remember: Your rent will always be due on the first of the month, unless otherwise noted in your lease. Invitation Homes offers easy online payment options to help you avoid late fee penalties.
Late fees

Rent payments are due on the first of each month and late fees for your home are outlined in your lease.  

As a courtesy, there is a grace period of three days before late fees are added to your account. The number of late fees added to your account depends on how many days late rent payment is received.  

For more information, visit our Making payments  page.  

Internet package

High-speed internet and media streaming capabilities (where available)
Internet Package

If your home is located within the service area where our internet package is required, you pay just $85 per month for a broad collection of services. The package comes with high-speed internet, more than 200 TV channels and on-demand streaming services, including ESPN+ and Disney+, a great value. This monthly fee will be required in your lease. Learn more .