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About Invitation Homes
What is Invitation Homes?

With approximately 80,000 rental homes owned nationwide, Invitation Homes is America’s leader in the single-family home rental industry. We serve 16 of the country’s most popular metro areas with a wide selection of 3, 4, and 5-bedroom homes in a variety of great neighborhoods where you want to live. All of our houses for rent are professionally managed and are backed by the strength and stability of the leading rental home company in the country. Invitation Homes is America’s leading owner and manager of beautifully renovated single-family homes for rent .

Where are your houses located?

Our homes are located in a variety of desirable neighborhoods across 16 of the country’s most popular cities. We have homes in great school districts, close to commercial hubs and transportation. We have houses for rent in communities with amenities like parks, pools, and walking and biking trails. Almost anywhere you want to live, Invitation Homes has a beautifully renovated home for rent. Search for your perfect home >>

What are the benefits of leasing with Invitation Homes?

Every Invitation Home is directly owned by the company, beautifully renovated with quality materials and careful workmanship, and passes a multi-point quality assurance inspection before you move in. Each home is then professionally managed and serviced by our local staff of trained professionals and licensed contractors. All of this is backed by the strength and stability of the country’s leader in single-family homes for rent, giving you the home you desire and the peace of mind you deserve.

What is ProCare?

ProCare is our exclusive proactive maintenance program that plays a key role in your worry-free leasing lifestyle. Conveniently scheduled ProCare visits catch small issues early – saving you time, money, and hassle in the long run. Find out more. >>

What are my resident responsibilities?

Maintaining your worry-free lifestyle takes a partnership. We do our part by handling the big stuff like appliances, fences, and heating/cooling issues. The smaller items – such as air filters and pest control – are your responsibility. See a list of your responsibilities>>

How do I submit a maintenance request?

Through our convenient maintenance portal. The easiest way to get there is with our new mobile app . Of course, you can always access the portal on your desktop here .

What counts as an emergency maintenance issue?

One that is dangerous, hazardous, or could cause damage to the property or your personal well-being without immediate attention, such as no water or power, flooding or a broken pipe, and no heat when the outside temperature is below 50 degrees.

Do I have to be home for a maintenance visit?

Someone over the age of 18 must be present for the entire duration of the appointment.   

Pool Maintenance & Service
What is the most important aspect of keeping a pool clean and functional?

The water pump, since running the pump helps filter the water to expel dirt and debris. Be sure to let the pump run during the times set by your pool service provider, which typically averages eight hours per day.

Do I need to keep the pool at a specific water level?

Yes. It is critical to the health of the pool (including the pool equipment) that water be maintained at the midpoint of the pool skimmer basket inlet. This provides a pathway for water to flow to the filter where it is cleaned.  Maintaining appropriate water levels is important to prevent your pool equipment from breaking down.  Your pool service provider can also advise you on the appropriate water levels to maintain.

Should I set up a pool vacuum?

Yes. A pool vacuum makes it easier to clean the pool floor, by suctioning up the dirt that can collect at the bottom of the pool.  Of course, this is not necessary if your pool is equipped with self-cleaning features.

How do I keep leaves and floating debris out of my pool?

Use a net skimmer. Run the net skimmer across the top of the water to collect the debris inside the net and then dispose of it properly.

How often should I skim, brush, and vacuum my pool?

Vacuum your pool at least once a week. Use the net skimmer and brush whenever there is noticeable debris floating in the water, and brush pool surfaces to help the filtration system filter out finer dust or algae particles.

What should I do with toys and floatables when not in the pool?

Keep any toys and floatables out of the pool and secured in a safe storage space while the pool is not in use.

Can I let my pet (e.g. dog) swim in the pool?

No. It is strongly encouraged that pets not be allowed to swim in the pool to ensure water cleanliness and pet safety.

Should I fix the pool and pool equipment if it breaks?

No. Please promptly contact your local Invitation Homes maintenance team and they will address any issues. This includes the pool and any safety features, such as self-closing and self-latching gates.

How do I submit a pool-related service request?

Visit the maintenance portal to:

Request services.

View your scheduled services.

Communicate with the service teams.

Watch how-to home maintenance videos.

If you have any feedback or concerns, you’re invited to email us at pools@invitationhomes.com .

Why is weekly service required?

Weekly service is critical for the upkeep of a pool. It maintains proper chemical levels in the pool and helps prevent equipment malfunctions. Service visits are even vital during off-season months when scheduling may shift to a bi-weekly basis.

How do I prepare for pool maintenance service?

Before the pool service provider arrives for maintenance on the scheduled day, please have these steps completed:

Leave your backyard and pool gates unlocked for the day of service.

Secure your pets for the day of service.

Make sure your pool is clear and free of all floatables, toys, and debris.

Pool & Hot Tub Safety
What are basic pool-side safety instructions?

Walk, don’t run, when on the pool deck or surrounding patio areas to avoid falling and injury.

Use sunscreen of at least 30 SPF to avoid skin damage and burns.

Know water depth before using the pool or jumping into the water. Do not dive into the pool.

Use a life jacket for anyone unable to swim confidently.

Do I need to keep access gates closed?

Yes. All access points to the swimming pool should remain closed at all times. This is for the safety of anyone (especially children) that may be at an increased risk for pool related accidents.

Does the pool need to be supervised while in use?

Yes. If anyone under the age of 14 is in or near the water, an adult should be present for active supervision.

Should I know CPR?

It is highly advised that at least one person present knows CPR.

What is the additional pool safety equipment for?

Equipment such as fences, gates, locks, alarms, and drain covers are provided for your safety. Please do not tamper, modify, or disable any of these items, and only use lifesaving equipment in case of emergency.

Should I stay away from the drains?

Yes. All persons should stay away from the drains at all times.

Who do I call in case of an emergency?


Do guests and other members of my family need to know pool safety rules?

Yes. If your pool is being used by anyone, whether they be friends, family, or children, they should know the basic pool safety rules.

What are the hot tub safety instructions?

Hot tubs should not be heated above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Check the temperature before entering the water.

Pregnant women and young children should not use the hot tub.

Consult a physician before using the hot tub if you have a history of heart disease, circulatory problems, diabetes, or blood pressure problems.

What if my pool does not have a fence or enclosed backyard?

Immediately contact your local Invitation Homes team and we will address the issue. All pools must be enclosed by a secondary fence or backyard perimeter fence. Fences and gates need to remain closed at all times. They should not be propped open, nor should anything be leaned against them that may allow anyone to climb over.

Am I responsible for my pool door alarm?

Yes. If you have an alarm, make sure it is working properly. If it’s not working, replace the batteries. If the alarm does not work after replacing batteries, please submit a service request through the maintenance portal.

Should drains and drain covers be left alone?

Yes. Please stay clear of drains and drain covers to ensure the pool maintains proper water level.

Air Filters
Why do I need to change my air filter?

Changing your air filter every three months removes harmful toxins from the air and helps lower your energy bill up to 15%.

How do I change my air filter?

Second Nature air filters work hard –  but changing them is easy. Please watch our short how-to video. 

Why is air filter delivery required in my lease?

Replacing your HVAC’s air filter every three months keeps the system functioning properly and is simply too important to leave to chance. Our partnership with Second Nature protects both you and your home.

What do I get for my $9.95 monthly fee?

Your service includes all the air filters you need for your home, conveniently delivered to your doorstep every three months. It’s healthier air, hassle-free. 

What are pop filters?

Pop filters, with their innovative flex-lock technology,  capture 97% more of the smallest particles in your home’s air*. That's better for your air quality than the run-of-the-mill fiberglass air filters you can buy at most stores.

Pop filters are not available in every filter size, so you may receive another type of high-quality filter if your home’s filter size(s) are not available.

Eco-minded  — Because they pop open, we use less cardboard to ship – reducing our carbon footprint

Simplified Installation  — Pop filters work no matter which side they’re installed on  

Better Filtration  — 2.5x more surface area than flat fiberglass filters for better airflow  

* Industry-standard ASHRAE 52.2 tested 04.10.2020 as compared to flat fiberglass filters and a major filter media manufacturer 

What happens if I don’t replace my filter regularly?

A $25 fee could be added to your account. Your maintenance technician will use the expiration date on the side of the filter to track replacement. To avoid being charged, please replace your filter right when the new one arrives. 

When will I receive the filter and how many will I receive?

You’ll receive your first air filter within the first month after you move in, then every three months after that. You’ll always receive the exact number of filters your HVAC system needs.

What happens if I don’t receive my air filter?

If you don’t receive your air filter when you expect it, please call 888-423-1555 and we’ll send your filter again.

What if the air filter I receive is the wrong size?

If the box you received is labeled incorrectly, check the filter itself. Often times, the correct filter will be inside. Please try installing the filter you received, and if it doesn’t fit call 888-423-1555 . We will send you the correct filter.

How will I be notified of my air filter shipment?

When your Second Nature air filter has been shipped, you will receive a confirmation email that includes your tracking information and a link to check your delivery status.

What are my resident responsibilities?

As an Invitation Homes resident, you’re responsible for minor home maintenance such as lawn care, pest control, and changing air filters. Click here to see a full list of resident responsibilities.

Renters Insurance
What are my renters insurance coverage requirements?

You are required to carry an active personal liability policy that includes a minimum of $100,000 in liability coverage - and $100,000 for dog bite liability insurance, if applicable - in accordance with your lease, from an insurance carrier with an AM Best rating of A-VII or better. Liability insurance does not cover your personal items - we strongly encourage you to purchase a renters insurance policy that includes coverage for your personal contents.

For dog bite liability insurance, if your carrier excludes coverage for any dog at the residence, you must obtain a separate, stand-alone dog bite liability insurance policy with at least $100,000 in liability coverage for each excluded dog.

Does Invitation Homes have a Preferred Insurance Provider?

Yes. ResidentShield is our preferred vendor for Renters Insurance. You can easily contact ResidentShield at (800) 566-1186 or visit their website at ResidentShield.com/InvitationHomes . If you choose coverage with ResidentShield:

  • You will be “pre-approved” by ResidentShield as a current or future resident, and

  • You will not have to send “proof of insurance.” All ResidentShield policies are automatically uploaded into our compliance tracking system at the time of purchase.

How do I purchase a ResidentShield policy?

You can easily contact ResidentShield at (800) 566-1186 or visit their website at ResidentShield.com/InvitationHomes . If you purchase coverage with ResidentShield, your policy will be automatically delivered to our leasing office, so you won’t have to send proof of insurance.

What if I already have a ResidentShield policy?

Existing ResidentShield renters insurance policy holders should submit their proof of insurance via email to InvitationHomesIPM@Yardi.com .

What’s the best way to communicate with ResidentShield?

Feel free to email IHPolicyService@Yardi.com  with any questions regarding your ResidentShield insurance coverage.

Can I choose any insurance carrier I want?

Of course. While we suggest ResidentShield for your benefit, you are welcome to go with insurance carrier of your choice. Please make sure you send the declaration page to the compliance team at InvitationHomesIPM@yardi.com

What should I look for in a policy?

We strongly encourage you to purchase a renters insurance policy that includes coverage for your personal contents in addition to the $100,000 of required liability coverage.

Do I need to send proof of insurance to Invitation Homes?

If you choose not to purchase insurance from ResidentShield, you must submit proof of insurance to InvitationHomesIPM@yardi.com . A courtesy copy (“cc”) should also be provided to the Leasing Agent (for New Move-Ins) or the Renewal Coordinator (for Renewals).

Exactly what policy information do I need to send?

For proof of insurance, you must submit your renters insurance policy declaration page (or pages) that contain the following information to InvitationHomesIPM@yardi.com :

  • Insured Name (the Resident's name)

  • Insured Address (including unit number, if applicable)

  • Insurance Carrier (or insurance agency) name and contact information

  • Policy Term (dates of coverage)

  • Liability limit equal to or greater than $100,000

  • Interested Party: Invitation Homes Inc., PO Box 3687, Coppell, TX 75019

How will I know Invitation Homes has successfully received my proof of Insurance?

Our compliance team will send you an automatic reply. Please remember that this only means the insurance was submitted – not that the insurance is satisfactory. If your coverage is found to be insufficient, we’ll email you. 

How quickly will my proof of insurance get uploaded to the system?

Your proof of insurance is typically uploaded to our Renters Insurance database within 48 hours (two business days from date received, excluding holidays).

Can I combine two $50,000 insurance policies to satisfy the $100,000 policy limit?

No. Your home must have at least one renters policy limit of $100,000 or higher.

What if I change my policy?

It’s your responsibility to have an active renters insurance policy during the entire lease term and to notify us of any changes to policy terms and conditions. Changes should be sent via email to our compliance team at InvitationHomesIPM@Yardi.com .

What happens if I don’t buy renters insurance?

If our records show you don’t have an active renters insurance policy with a minimum of $100,000 of liability coverage, you’ll be enrolled in the Invitation Homes Liability-Only policy and will be charged a recurring fee of $15.50 each month. Be aware that this policy only covers damage to Invitation Homes’ property and doesn’t insure your personal belongings.

Do you allow pets?

Yes – we love your pets! And your pets are going to love your new home, yard, and neighborhood. All pets are subject to approval, of course.

Do I need to register my pet?

Yes. Up to three cats and dogs are welcome with a $325 initial fee per pet (or deposit, depending on local laws) and $40 additional monthly pet rent for each pet as permitted by applicable law. Fees and service availability may vary by location or home. Pet fees and/or deposits and pet rent will be charged for dogs and cats only. Other animal types are welcome without a fee or pet rent subject to Invitation Homes’ animal restrictions.

Fees, deposits, pet rent, and additional insurance are not required for authorized service, assistance, or companion animals. As a safety precaution, Invitation Homes does not accept American Pit Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, Staffordshire Terriers, or any dog that is a mix of these breeds – among other restricted breeds. For more information on restricted breeds, read our qualification requirements .

What are Invitation Homes’ Dog Breed Restrictions?

Restricted dog breeds include American Pit Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, Staffordshire Terriers, and any dog that has a percentage or mix of any of those breeds. Any canines other than domestic dogs are not permitted, such as wolves, coyotes, dingoes, jackals, etc., along with any canine or wolf hybrids. For example, a Husky Wolf or Timber Wolf mix is not permitted.

Smart Home
Is there a monthly fee for Smart Home services?

Yes, a monthly fee is shown in your lease as an additional fee above your rent. It will be automatically added to your resident account each month.

Can I lock and unlock my front door from my smartphone?

Yes. With the push of a button, you can lock and unlock your door.

Can I create an access code from my smartphone?

Yes. You can create an access code for your front door keypad easily – at any time – from your mobile device.

Can I add access codes for other people?

Yes. With the service from SmartRent, you can easily create unique access codes for anyone that needs to enter your home, from family members and friends to contractors.

Can I make a personalized access code, such as my birthday?

Sorry, but no. For enhanced security purposes, our Smart Home system will only generate random access codes.

Can I create access codes that only last for a couple hours or a day?

Yes. When you create an access code, it’s easy to select the exact time frame for that code to be active.

Will I know what’s going on in my home at all times?

Absolutely. You can easily view real-time activity reports on your mobile device and even set alerts for specific activities, such as when people enter and exit.

Can I change the temperature in my home with my smartphone?

Yes. You can easily customize settings for your heating and air conditioning and make changes at any time from your mobile device.

Can I create schedules for automatic temperature changes?

Yes. Schedules can be created with ease from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Set specific target temperatures for nighttime, work hours, weekends, and more.

Pest Control
What’s included with my pest control plan?

There are simply too many benefits to list here. For all the details about your plan, call 1-888-406-6102.

How often will my pest control treatments occur?

About every three months. As part of the Terminix Promise, if pests come back between treatments, so will Terminix. At no additional cost to you.

What happens during my first pest control treatment?

For questions about pet procedures, service requests, etc, please call Terminix directly at 1-877-837-6464. They will be happy to help you with any questions or needs you may have.

What do my follow-up pest control treatments include?

After the first treatment, a Terminix technician will treat the outside of your home only (unless you request an inside treatment as well).

Is pest control required in my lease?

Yes. All Invitation Homes residents are required to get regular pest control treatments. You can check out a full list of resident responsibilities here .

Will pest control charges be added to my rent?

No. Monthly pest control payments will be made to Terminix for a service provided quarterly. However, the Terminix Promise ensures that if pests come back between treatments, so will Terminix. At no additional cost to you.

How do I schedule a pest control service?

You can schedule a service and manage your plan through your online account with Terminix for 24/7 support, or simply call 1-877-837-6464.

Can I sign up for this service online?

No. To purchase this service at our exclusive, discounted rate, please call 1-888-406-6102.

I have more questions about my pest control service.

For questions about pest procedures, service requests, etc, please call Terminix directly at 1-877-837-6464. They will be happy to help you with any questions or needs you may have.

Leasing & Qualification Requirements
How do I apply to lease a home?

Simple and convenient, the Invitation Homes online rental application process  can be completed in less than 10 minutes. Complete your application online by selecting a house for rent and clicking “apply.” You can read our qualification requirements and even save your application to complete later. Please note that the application fee is non-refundable. All applicants over the age of 18 living in the home must pay an application fee.

Are your homes renovated before I move in?

Yes, each house owned by Invitation Homes is renovated and refreshed by our professional staff and local licensed contractors. You will find renovations such as new paint, flooring, countertops, hardware, lighting, bath fixtures, and many others. We use only quality materials by some of America’s top brands. Licensed contractors install all of these products with careful workmanship and each home passes our quality assurance inspection before you move in.

How do I find a home where I want to live?

We make it easy to find a beautiful Invitation Home for rent. You can use our convenient website to search by location, neighborhood, size, and price . You can also contact our local office by email or phone and connect directly with an agent to view a home. The information for the city or area where you want to live is available on the contact page  on our website. You can also conveniently tour a home online using our virtual tour option or schedule a tour using the self-tour feature.

How important is my credit to the application?

Your credit is one of several factors used in your application. Our application process also considers income, employment, rental history, and background. View the rental qualification requirements. >>

Is there an income requirement, or any other requirements to apply?

Yes, applicants should review the qualification requirements for more information regarding income, rental history, criminal history, occupancy,  insurance , pets , and income documentation. View the rental qualification requirements. >>

How soon can I move in?

Your Invitation Homes leasing agent will guide you through the entire move-in process. Once your application is approved, rental deposit and funds are received, and the home is ready, we’ll get you moved in right away.

How do I pay my deposit and move-in fees?

Deposits (e.g., security and pet deposits) and move-in monies (e.g., rent and HOA fee) require two (2) separate certified forms of payment. Read the move-in payment document. >>

Do you offer customer service for my home?

Yes, each home is professionally managed and serviced by our local Invitation Homes staff. Complete customer service is available online through our Resident Services portal or by phone. To find the phone number or email address in your local city, please see our contact page .

Rent, Payment, & Fees
Can I pay my rent online?

Yes, you can pay rent online. It is easy, convenient, and available 24/7. Our website’s online payment portal allows you to pay rent, update payment types, and to view your account anytime from anywhere. 

Can I pay my rent in cash or in person?

Yes you can pay rent in cash or in person.

  • Pay rent in cash at participating Walk-In Payment Services (WIPS) locations. Review the guide on Walk-In Payment Services (WIPS). >>

  • Pay rent in person by dropping a check or money order at your local office. Most offices have a drop box to leave rent payments after hours. Please do not leave cash in the drop box.

Associates, employment, agents, & vendors
Where can I find a list of current job openings?

Read more about joining the Invitation Homes team on the career page .

I have a rental property I would like to sell. Whom do I contact?

Please submit your information via email to our professional acquisition team at acquisitions@invitationhomes.com .

I am a vendor. What is the status of my payment?

Thank you for being a vendor partner with Invitation Homes! To check on the status of your payment please email invoice@invitationhomes.com .

How do I verify a resident’s rent payments?

To verify a resident’s rent payments, submit a form on the other inquiries drop-down menu. Remember to select a location and the rental verification topic and enter a home address. Or please call our local office numbers found at our complete office directory .

Interested in partnering with Invitation Homes?

To become a vendor with Invitation Homes, please visit the contact us page  to submit a form on the other inquiries drop-down menu. Select a location and the appropriate new vendor topic and include your information including company name, website, and type of business.

How do I verify employment for Invitation Homes?

Invitation Homes uses the services of “the work number” to assist with all employment verification requests. You may contact this service by calling 800-367-5690 or by visiting https://www.theworknumber.com.  Please use employer code: 25381.

Where do I find out more investor information?

Investor Relations information is provided at INVH.com .

What’s the best way to get a response on your social media?

We are here to help. For the fastest response on social media (Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , and LinkedIn ), please send us a private message including your name, address and the nature of your issue. A direct message enables us to discuss your individual situation and allows for a swifter resolution.

Social media comments and users will be moderated. Comments could be hidden, deleted or banned, if the following occurs:

  • Posts that contain content that may be reasonably considered offensive, disruptive, defamatory, inflammatory, derogatory to residents and followers, or profane.

  • Spam or spam-like posting behavior (i.e. promoting unrelated links, other businesses, other pages or groups, posting numerous times etc.)

Did you not find your answer?

Search in the Invitation Homes Blog if there is an article about your question or access our Contact page and send your question to our customer service team.

Prefer a call?

You can reach us for leasing information at (888) 990-4684.